Steps in a Lawsuit – Court of King’s Bench of Alberta

1.   Statement of Claim/Statement of Defence A Statement of Claim is the document that commences a lawsuit in the Court of King’s Bench. It sets out the details of the claim such as who is making the claim, who the claim is against, the alleged facts relevant to the claim, and what relief is being […]

How long do I have to sue in Alberta?

The Two-Year Period In Alberta, the Limitations Act sets out the limitation period to start a lawsuit. The two-year clock for a civil lawsuit starts to run when a person knows or ought to have known, that the injury and/or damage has happened and was caused by someone else. The injury and/or damage must warrant […]

Congrats Michele on 30 Years at Birdsell Grant LLP!

Birdsell Grant LLP was excited to celebrate Michele Stupniski on her 30th anniversary at Birdsell Grant. Michele works hard in our commercial real estate department and we’re thankful for her expertise throughout the years.

Should I Hire a Lawyer or Represent Myself?

Canada’s justice system is set up in such a way that a person is entitled to represent themselves in a court of law, should they wish to do so. However, the process is complex, it is often confusing, and it very technical. The amount of information alone can be overwhelming to deal with – not […]

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