What is Child Support and How Much do I Need to Pay?

Every parent has an obligation to provide financial support for their child(ren) to the extent that they are able, and this obligation continues after separation and divorce. Child support is a right of the child’s and for this reason it cannot be easily waived by either parent. Child Support is generally made up of two […]


Collaborative Family law, is a method of alternative dispute resolution where you and your partner work to resolve the legal issues out of court with the help of lawyers trained in the collaborative process. Collaborative lawyers work with you and your partner to try to reach an agreement. The lawyer(s) will focus on solutions that […]

Can I get my Spouse out of my House?

Parties often believe that the process of spouses separating must be physical – one spouse moves out of the residence and the separation begins. However, starting a separation can be as simple as forming an intention to separate. Separated couples often live in the same house, occupying separate bedrooms or separate floors of the home […]

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