Resources for Wills and Estates

If you die without a will you are “intestate.” Your property will be distributed according to provincial law, not necessarily how you intend.

A will leaves clear written instructions with your final wishes. The purpose of a Will is to ensure that your estate will be distributed as you intend.

There are many options for preparing a will that do not involve consulting a lawyer. Unfortunately these resources may not help you ensure that your will is properly signed and legally enforceable, or that you have considered and properly dealt with all of the circumstances that are unique to your estate. A lawyer can help avoid misunderstandings or conflicts that can result from an improperly drafted will. If your will has inaccuracies or ambiguities it may cost more in legal fees to interpret it than it would have cost to draft the will properly with a lawyer. Since most of the problems in your will won’t be discovered until after your death, the costs of solving any issues can fall on your family or on your estate.

When you see a lawyer, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have done all you can to be sure your estate is handled the way you want it to be. At Birdsell Grant LLP, we recognize the importance a will has to you and your beneficiaries. Our experienced and professional advice will help you prepare a will that takes care of your beneficiaries and your estate. Our goal is to guide you through the decisions and challenges of planning an estate so you can have peace of mind knowing that your family will be provided for just as you intend.

Please see the brochure below for further information.

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